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PCBs used for Medical equipment, we have pass ISO:13485 certificate, provide you one stop service for medical hardware products such as PCB design, PCB producing , components collection , PCB assembly ,We respect every life, so we take every product serio


Components type:87

PCB size: 198*145mm

Minimum package size of resistance capacitance sensing: 0402

Minimum device pin spacing:0.65

Welding mode:Reflow soldering for double side+ Wave soldering.

Manufacturing process: PCB producing+components procurement+assembly

Shenzhen 1942 Technology Co., LTD is a professional PCBs manufacturer, 7 SMT production lines ,5000㎡ factory

Main bussiness : PCB design , SMT, DIP, compnents soucing, function test , PCBA coating, PCBA failure analysis.

PCBs applications:

medial equipment PCB& PCBA

industrial control PCB$PCBA

IOT ( internet of things ) PCB &PCBA

drones PCB & PCBA 

Video equipment PCB &PCBA 



The total number of front and back surface mount components is 386

The amount types are 87

The outer diameter of PCB is 198*145mm

The minimum package size of surface mounted components is 0402

The minimum pin spacing of surface mount components is 0.65mm

Components are soldered by double-sided reflow soldering machine & wave soldering oven 

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Medical equipment PCB PCBA  Medical Equipment PCBs

This PCBs is used in Medical eqiupment, its design is very sophisticated,accordingly, the requirements of the SMT procceing and the components are in a hign level. 

Life is above all else. We respect every life, so we take the production of every piece of PCBs seriously and strictly control the quality of every material.


Finished products 

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May the world be free from disease and may science and technology bring more beauty to people

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