• 7

    7 Automatic SMT production lines

  • 360

    A single product can be produced on the
    machine with 360 kinds of components
    (8mm tapes)at the same time

  • 1532

    15,320,000 soldering dots per day

  • 100%

    100% inspection shall be carried out for each
    solder spot to desist from failure situation
    such as open soldering, empty soldering,
    inveracious soldering and
    false soldering, etc

SMT (surface mount) processing is equipped with 7 new high-end automatic production lines.
Three high-speed lines and four medium speed lines are configured to deal with small and medium-sized batch order and mass production more flexibly.
Support the production of up to 360 kinds of materials at the same time, and the production capacity is 15.32 million soldering dots per day.
The equipment models of the whole line are unified, and the direct switching procedure from sample order to mass production reduces multiple manual programming operations, which is convenient for rapid production.
7 lines are uniformly equipped with SPI (3D solder paste tester) to ensure that SMT process solder paste coating meets industrial standards.
The solder paste adopts imported RoHS brand with 3.0 silver content and lead-free.
S12 temperature zone lead-free double track hot air reflow soldering + kic9 channel furnace temperature tester transmits the data to the receiver in real time through wireless transmission, and draws the furnace temperature curve through software to ensure the effective and accurate real-time welding temperature of the product and the welding reliability of the product.
Online + offline AOI optical detector shall 100% inspect each welding spot to eliminate wrong, missing, reverse, short, false, vertical, empty welding and other defects.
X-ray is used to inspect packaging devices that cannot be directly observed, such as BGA and QFN.
The first article tester can match with the BOM list to automatically judge and record the device parameters of each switching and new products, so as to ensure 100% correctness.