Compoments Procurement

Components procurement

Compoments Procurement

With the professional engineer and purchasing team, we serve our customers BOM improvement, components collection and selection, and solutions of the full BOM for thousands of customers every year.

We are devoted to provide a strong guarantee for customer R&D and the production of small and medium batches of products.

Genuine Components

We only purchase from original factory and formal agents, carefully select procurement channels for our customers over many years, have an intact supplier inspection system. Insist on original genuine components to ensure the quality.

Zero Inventory Management

Customers can purchase according to the required quantity, not need to purchase the whole package, and truly achieve zero inventory of materials.


The warehouse covers an area of 1000 square meters,stock common tape materials such as resistance capacitance, inductance, magnetic beads, crystal oscillator, etc.

Components Control

"First-in, first-out" material control mechanism, warehouse management: constant temperature and humidity, anti-static control. Strict and standardized 100% IQC incoming inspection to resist receiving bad materials.


The management personnel of the company have more than 10 years of experience in components procurement and management, professional component certification engineer and BOM engineer.