Material High Quality Ensure System

FR4 raw materials are all made of Kingboard and Shengyi Military A-level plates. Imported ink ensures clear solder mask printing and full color.

Quality management system certification

The company's quality management system has completely passed ISO9001 certification, and the products meet the environmental protection requirements of RoHs.

Serving A Wide Range of Industries And Products

Products cover the fields of industrial control, medical equipment, communication IoT, instrumentation manufacturing and other fields. Various types of difficult, high-precision density circuit boards production are available.

Quick delivery

One-stop service for design & board making, one-to-one connection with professional engineers, which greatly shortens the R&D and production cycle of customers. Delivery time of the sample of double-layer boards only needs 36 hours, 72 hours for 4-layers boards.

Front-end technical guidance

Our company has a senior design and production team. Combined with the back-end PCB assembly and other processes, we can provide technical guidance, review and reference suggestions for the customer's front-end design.

Development process

Raw materials, technology, quality control, delivery and service