Test & End-product Assembly

Test & End-product Assembly

Test & End-product Assembly

Adheres to the one-stop service concept, 1942 provides our customers with services such as device programming, finished product assembly, functional testing, and special processes. The company is equipped with professional personnel and flexible production assembly lines, which can be competent for small and medium batch finished product assembly tasks.

Finished Products Assembly Capability

There are two 10-meter assembly lines, 24 standard assembly stations, many years of finished product assembly experience, familiar with various product assembly processes and standards, products covering communication and IoT, transportation, industrial control, medical equipment and other fields. From PCB’s to finished product, it can be delivered directly at one time without changing factories!


Existing 20 test stations. Configure test computer, oscilloscope, desktop multimeter, DC adjustable power supply and so on. Test each function of the product according to customer requirements and provide test reports. We can provide services such as electrical measurement and aging according to customer needs to improve product reliability. For each process, 1942 formulated intact operation instructions, customized targeted inspection standards according to products in different industries, and improved the straight through rate of products from all links.


General product packaging consists of anti-static bags, bubble bags, spacer strips and ultra thick cartons. Special products shall be specially packaged and drop tested to avoid product performance damage caused by external forces during transportation. At the same time, we can also provide customized packaging services.