Process capability

Process capability

Producing attentively,create value for customers with high quality and elegant service

Our factory is equipped with 7 high-end automatic production lines. Brand new imported equipment and automatic optical testing equipment,such as AOI / SPI / X-ray, etc., which are more flexible and flexible to deal with small and medium-sized batch production. Especially good at high-precision, high mixing and high complexity production. Our PCBA capacity includes but is not limited to the following data we show here, because we constantly update our manufacturing process and production equipment with the times and customer's needs, and continuously develop and mine technologies that can bring value to customers, so as to maintain our front-end in the field of electronic manufacturing.
  • Team


    5000㎡ Workshop
    Professional process engineer equipment engineer layout engineer procurement engineer and SMT DIP QC team with more than 10 years of industry experience

  • SMT


    7 automatic SMT production lines

    Production capacity: 15.32 million soldering spot per day

    Proportion of capacitance and resistance loss: 0.3%

    PCB types: general FR-4 PCB FPC and FPCB

    Minimum package : 0201chip / 0.35 pitch BGA

    Minimum mounting accuracy :± 0.04mm

    IC mounting accuracy: ± 0.03mm

    PCB size: L50 * W50mm - L510 * w460mm

    PCB thickness: 0.3mm-4.5mm

  • DIP


    2 wave soldering production line create 500000 dots/day. 2 manual soldering production lines create 30000 dots/day

  • Test& End-products Assemly

    Test& End-products Assemly

    20 test stations testing more than 3000pcs/sets per day.
    2 end-products assembly lines with 24 stations more than 3000 units (sets) can be assembled per day.

  • Inspection Items

    Inspection Items

    Inspection standard: IPC-610H CLASS 2
    IQC: Incoming check
    IPQC: In process quality control
    Visual QC: common quality check
    SPI: check solder paste printing quality online
    AOI: Check the defects of the SMT soldering online

  • Delivery time

    Delivery time

    8 hours for expedited sample order
    15 days for PCB+ components purchasing+ SMT