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Development Trend of PCBA fabrication for Vehicles

2022-10-14 15:52:23 Shenzhen 1942 Technology Co., Ltd. 0

With the rapid development of society, the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of ecological environment become more and more urgent. Because the ecological environment is directly related to the survival and development of human beings, the construction of ecological civilization is an important project for us today. In order to improve environmental protection, the use of new energy vehicles has become increasingly popular. The rapid development of well-known new energy automobile enterprises, including Tesla, BYD and Weilai, has directly driven the rapid growth of auto electronic PCBA orders. In addition, it is not easy to find a good automotive electronic PCBA service provider because of the high requirements for the welding reliability of automotive electronic PCBA. As for the development trend of automotive electronic PCBA, 1942 Science and Technology has made a simple analysis for reference only. I hope to have the opportunity to communicate with you.

1. The development of new energy vehicles has increased the demand for vehicle PCBA services. With the gradual transition from traditional vehicles to autonomous vehicles and the promotion of new energy vehicles under the support of policies, the demand for automotive electronic PCBA services is increasing to adapt to the application of new technologies. In the future, with the improvement of technology, the level of automobile intelligent system will be further improved.


2. The potential for upgrading the new energy vehicle power battery BMS technology is huge. The battery management system is the link between batteries and users. It is mainly aimed at reusing batteries, improving the utilization rate of batteries, and preventing overcharge and discharge of batteries. As one of the hardware bases of BMS, PCB will also benefit from its industry development. At present, the usable area of PCBA for luxury cars is about 2-3 square meters. Assuming that the usable area of new energy vehicle PCBA is 2 square meters, it is 2000 yuan per square meter. It is estimated that the global new energy vehicle electronics market will reach 2 trillion yuan in 2022.


3. The PCBA manufacturing industry of automotive electronics has a high access threshold, so the PCBA manufacturers with advanced technology have huge advantages. Due to the special environment and strong current when the car is working, PCBA has very high requirements for reliability and environmental adaptability, which is one of the most important reasons for the high threshold of the automotive electronic processing service industry. In the opinion of people in the automotive industry, the zero defect rate of PCBA products is the basic requirement for PCBA suppliers in the world, and also determines which PCB service providers can enter the processing field of automotive PCBA.


4. The vehicle PCBA millimeter wave radar has high requirements for the process of high-frequency circuit board, while the radar high-frequency circuit has high requirements for PCBA circuit board and manufacturing process. Therefore, automotive radar pcb will produce higher added value for pcba manufacturing industry.


5. Due to the high requirements of automobile PCBA processing, automobile manufacturers generally do not change suppliers randomly in cooperation. Therefore, once PCBA service providers can successfully enter the supply chain of major international manufacturers, they will not only bring long-term stable orders to the company, but also bring ample growth space for the company's operation. Therefore, the first mover advantage of leading enterprises is very obvious.

Automobile electronics is an important part of automobile, driven by the trend of automobile electronization, electrification and intelligence. Automotive electronics is composed of semiconductor devices, which are used to perceive, calculate, and execute various states and functions of the automobile. It is an important part of the automobile. At present, more than 60% of the world's automotive industry's technological innovation comes from the application of automotive electronic technology, and the application of automotive electronic technology has become the main indicator of the vehicle level. Therefore, the PCBA processing of automotive point electronics will continue to improve, which also brings certain opportunities to PCBA processing plants.


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