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The Size And Thickness of Stencil_SMT factory Shenzhen 1942 Technology

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   The stencil used in SMT process also be call as surface mounting module. Its main function is that printing solder paste onto the PCB pad precisely through the hole on the stencil. It consist of the outer frame, steel silk screen and steel sheet, There are three technics to make stencil including chemical etching ,lasering cutting and electroforming. Now Shenzhen 1942 Technology Co., LTD will introduce the general size and the thickness of stencil for you.

  SMT Stencil, PCB stencil                                                              

1、The Size of SMT stencil


Size of Manual Solder Paste Printing Stencil

Size of Semi-Auto & Full Automatic Solder Paste Printing Stencil

300*400mm , 420*520mm , 370*470mm

520*520mm , 500*600mm , 550*650mm , 584*584mm , 736*736mm

The size also can be used in semi-Auto printer but cannot be used in full automatic printer



2、The Thickness of SMT stencil

The Stencil Thickness of Solder Paste Printing

The Stencil Thickness of Adhesive Printing

0.08mm  0.1mm  0.12mm  0.13mm, 0.15mm  0.18mm  0.2mm  0.25mm

0.15mm  0.18mm  0.2mm  0.25mm

SMT stencil

3、The Suggestions of Stencil Making

1) The size of stencil are principally decided by the size of PCB, and then depend on the space of components’ pins. We suggest that you’d better to make the size of stencil can be used in full automatic printer if there are the IC pin space less than 0.5mm, because it will be more easy to release due to the large size with large tension.

2) The thickness of stencil should be determined by the layout and the IC space, the space between chips are less than 0.5MM and there are many 0402 components, it will be better to make 0.1mm thick stencil. If there are many 0603 components and the space is more lager than 0.5mm, we suggest you to make 0.12mm thick stencil.


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